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Ana Ruiz

Madrid native with studies in Advertising Drawing and Artistic Jewelry. Her work is born from a concept, an experience, a concern, making her jewelry pieces tell stories, transmit feelings, communicate messages, provoke and answer questions.  Functionality and symbolism give meaning to her jewelry, seeking to find a possible relationship that will help her configure pieces capable of transmitting a message without words only with the materials with which she builds her work. She utilizes base materials and combines them with textured and patinated metal, and found objects, transmitting statements that may be political, social or personal in nature. When she creates a piece of jewelry, at first she does not think about its portability or its functional role, her idea follows the development of the design and then it is adapted in the final piece.


Christine Rio

Raised on Canada’s West Coast, Christine Rio has always had a passion for art and design, yet initially chose the corporate world. After exploring other art mediums, she embraced her life-long love of jewelry, and discovered her passion for metalworking. With her degree in Classical Studies, and strongly influenced by ancient history, surrealism and goth/steampunk imagery, Christine works to create jewelry that challenges one’s perspective of adornment. Christine is inspired by movement, by abstract shapes, by themes of whimsy or darkness. She works with simple tools and time-honored traditions to bring life to the metal, paying homage to the ancient artisans who inspire her work. She forges her own path with techniques and collections, creating jewelry known for intricate details, movement, and contrasts. Historically, jewelry has always been about identifying oneself, and this is what Christine strives for with each piece; to make connections between the maker, the wearer and society, without saying a word, yet sharing a conversation.


Teresa Andrés Bueno

Born in Valencia, in the Spanish Mediterranean, Teresa Andrés Bueno is passionate about art, history, light, colour and aromas from her land. As an industrial designer, she has spent half her life designing all kinds of objects, one of her main activities being the illustration of books. Jewelry has always been her hobby, until twelve years ago it became her work and passion, mixing different materials and uniting artistic worlds. Her collections are as different as stories to tell, and the mixture of materials is usually the common thread of all of her pieces, however, each jewel has its own dialogue, history and life. She tries to transmit her ideas and concerns in small great jewels. From her Teu Son brand, she tries to portray the beauty of life, the light of the Mediterranean and the strength of the ideas represented in her jewels.


Kim Paquet

Born and raised in Québec, Kim Paquet recently graduated from Nova Scotia College of Art & Design with a BFA major in Jewelry design and metalsmithing. With a background in social intervention, she had worked with marginalised youth and people experiencing homelessness and addiction. In her adornment, she digs into this complex feeling associated with these years as a social worker. She loves using industrial and raw materials in both rough strokes and refined movements to create compelling pieces of jewellery. According much importance to the process and her intuition, Kim’s work is a balance between a result of experiments and an obsession for technical details. Her approach to making is reflective of the human capacity towards empathy, acceptance, and a glimmer of hope. Kim has shown her work nationally and internationally. She is recently awarded the Toronto Harbourfront Centre Scholarship where she will be a full-time artist-in-residence.


Lluís Solano

Lluis Solano Gifre, Palafrugell, comes from a traditional jewelry making family.

He studied micromechanics at the Polytechnic Institute, and in the afternoon jewelry at the Industrial School, and later, at the prestigious Massana Jewelry School, center for art and design, both in Barcelona. After a few years of working in the media industry, newspapers, radio and television, even writing a novel, he leaves it all behind to continue the family jewelry business.

In the constant search for an artistic language of its own, he undertakes an adventure in the world of design, to create his own jewelry line, thus the ChoKolate Luxury brand is born, so that dreams and fantasy in jewelry become a reality.

He has been awarded with the 3rd San Eloy Jewelry Award, an Amberif Desing Award in Poland, and an Artistar Jewels in Italy.


Pasha Moezzi

Pasha is an emerging jewellery artist residing in Toronto. He obtained his Fine Arts diploma from Langara College (Vancouver) and later completed his BFA in Design Arts at Concordia University (Montreal). His true passion for jewellery emerged while working at his father’s furniture-making workshop, where he made jewellery out of scrap metal. He then pursued goldsmith training at George Brown College where he graduated from the Jewellery Arts program in 2015. Pasha’s work has a unique style influenced by industrial shapes and architectural forms, which is very evident in both his one-of-a-kind work and his production lines. He has won several awards and competitions and has had solo and group exhibitions in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Tehran. Pasha was accepted as an Artist-in-Residence at Harbourfront Centre in 2015 and was a resident there for 3 years and he currently has his own studio in Toronto’s east end where he creates his production pieces along with his one of a kind work.

Rosa Sempere

Rosa Sempere, Jeweler with a long career,  she started her company Joyas con Alma in 1997 recreating replicas of traditional Jewelry from Aragón, and a more contemporary line of jewelry with a steampunk style. Specialist in modernist jewelry, especially brooches and combs of the time. Rosa is a certified artisan by the Generalitat Valenciana. For her creations, she uses noble materials such as silver, bull horn, mother-of-pearl, palo santo, ebony, and adds new materials such as steel, aluminum, resins, etc. She has been awarded the Innovation Award 2011, Europe Award 2015 and National Honorary Jewelry Award, PRENAMO 2019. She makes regular collaborations and jewelry for the cinema, masks for the Venetian Carnivals, and has participated in several fashion shows, such as, Fashion week collaborating with the prestigious designer Francis Montesinos.


Lindsay MacDonald

Reflecting back to find a way forward,
Lindsay MacDonald graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an MFA in Designed Objects (2009), and from NSCAD University with a BFA in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing (2004). She was an artist-in-residence at the Harbourfront Centre metal studio from 2004-2007 and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally.

Abraham Vázquez

The Second Generation of Jewelers, my father started me in this wonderful world, I picked up the tradition, his name Abraham and the enthusiasm for Jewelry. At 22 I created ADY and started my dream of creating magical and unique jewels, creating a personal style based on the Jewel-Fashion Concept, a combination of tradition and Design. Member of the College of Jewelers of Catalonia and Member of AJA. Event promoter to enhance the author's jewel such as PoDium Design INORGENTA MUNICH, Creator of the EVA Group (EVolutive Art of jewels) Spain, Coordinator of VANGUARDIA (Ibejroya) Madrid and PIJAV International Catwalk Jewelry Project, International Themed Samples, Creator of the SOL d´ Or Medi Ambient International Film Festival, creator of the Institutional Jewels of Gavà, Viladecans and Begues, and Designer of the Institutional Collection Museo de Gavà-VENUS Collection inspired by the 5800 year old Neolithic female figure and Variscita, with numerous International exhibitions and with important awards that recognize my professional career.


Dorothée Rosen

Dorothée graduated from Canada’s NSCAD University in 2005, with a major in jewellery design and metalsmithing, and a minor in art history. She is honoured to have been the recipient of various awards, her work is featured in several books on contemporary jewellery design, and she continues to participate in international exhibitions, deepening her inquiry into contemporary cultural issues. Since 2015, Dorothée carries the designation of Nova Scotia Master Artisan. What moves Dorothée creatively is her passion for moving metal, and the continued study of line. Her contemplative practices inform her design sensibility. When she begins to translate her inspiration into metal, Dorothée works very intuitively, allowing space for the form to emerge. Working through sample after sample, she lets the metal guide her, as in call-and-response, developing a conversation between metal and maker. Through a process of careful decision making, both in material and technique, she works the metal, a hard and cold material, into a relationship with the human body, creating adornments that capture the exchange between inspiration and material. Her goal always is to bring joy to the wearer.

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